What is Full-spectrum CBD Oil?

If you’re into cannabis and related products, you’ve probably heard of full-spectrum CBD oil. Our Krush Organics Platinum CBD Oil is an example of a full-spectrum oil. As the name implies, this is a full spectrum CBD oil that retains all of the cannabinoids that are naturally created by the cannabis plant.

You don’t lose any substances (which is common for other types of CBD oils). Instead, you’re getting a product that is rich in cannabidiol as well as other valuable matters.

Definition of full-spectrum CBD oil

Like with all other hemp oils, the focus is on cannabidiol.

The general rule of thumb is: the better the product, the more CBD it will have. Full-spectrum hemp oil also has other cannabinoids and a minor THC content. Because of that, this high-quality oil is usually legal.

This type of product creates an “entourage” effect. This effect occurs when you have a lot of different cannabinoids in one product. So, instead of having just CBD, you will have several valuable matters working in cohesion, thus creating synergy.

This is precisely why most experts recommend full-spectrum cannabidiol oil instead of the traditional one.

There are two more terms that are often mentioned when it comes to CBD oil.

One is CBD isolate, and the second is CBD distillate. Isolate refers to hemp products that are completely pure. A company isolates cannabidiol from the cannabis plant and uses it for oil that only has cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol oil distillate is created through distillation. The process doesn’t allow for the isolation of a particular substance, which is why it has numerous substances within it (except for THC, which is removed prior to distillation).

Substances present in the cannabis product

Ok, now you understand that this oil has various beneficial elements within it. But what are these matters? What do you actually get when you buy full-spectrum CBD oil?

Basically, you can find a lot of CBD, some THC, and more than 100 different cannabinoids extracted from either hemp or cannabis.

Although cannabidiol is often presented as this miraculous substance, there are also other cannabinoids important for the healing process.

While CBD, on its own, will always have a great impact, other cannabinoids can augment its effect.

CBD or cannabidiol

As already mentioned, cannabidiol is the most important healing substance within the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, you won’t get high while using it.

The substance reacts to the human endocannabinoid system, thus regulating various inner processes. As a result, cannabidiol is more of a supplement than anything else. It doesn’t disrupt natural processes, but instead, adds substances that our body is missing.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol

If CBD was the healing substance, THC is the psychedelic one. When you consume recreational marijuana, it is very important that the product has a lot of THC.

However, having THC in medical cannabis is counterproductive. This is why cannabis companies create full-spectrum hemp oil with minimal THC content.

Nevertheless, THC is a very important component in minor dosages. It works in cohesion with other cannabinoids, thus augmenting the overall effect.

So, while it might get you high in larger quantities, it can prove to be beneficial when used responsibly. Keep in mind that most full-spectrum CBD products have less than 0.5% THC.

These percentages vary from country to country. In some places, the allowed THC content will be higher, and in others, it will be lower.

CBN or cannabinol

CBN is rarely mentioned, but it is one of the numerous substances that play their part within the full-spectrum hemp oil. It has a sedative effect, and it can even be used on its own. CBN is especially important for people who are stressed, anxious, or suffering from insomnia.

CBG or cannabigerol

CBG has certain similarities with CBD.

It works well in conjunction with other cannabinoids, and it creates matters like THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. Within the cannabis plant, CBD is dissolved by various enzymes, and then, it is turned into one of these previously mentioned substances.

There is still a lot of prejudice when it comes to full-spectrum CBD oil and other cannabis products. People are reluctant to use them because of their THC content.

But, always remember that you cannot have a full-spectrum cannabis item without some THC. As already mentioned, the substance has some valuable properties when used with other cannabinoids.

Some companies manufacture hemp products without THC. These items, such as our Krush Recovery CBD Oil are called broad-spectrum CBD oils and are sometimes used to aid in muscle recovery after a workout, but they don’t have the same therapeutic effect as full-spectrum hemp oils.

What are the other full-spectrum hemp products?

Besides this oil, there are numerous other items on the market that have the same cannabinoid structure.

According to the general definition, a product is a full spectrum when it has all the major cannabinoids within it. Almost any substance can be used to create a full-spectrum CBD product. Here are the main ones:

CBD oil

When making CBD oil, a company will rely on CO2 extraction to get CBD. Then, they will add this content to essential oil. The item usually comes in different flavors. These flavors are only to make the oil nicer; they have no impact on the substances and how they work in our bodies.

CBD topicals

Topical products are very popular among people who are suffering from surface pain. They are often used by athletes, but also patients who have chronic pain or arthritis. Although full-spectrum CBD oil can be used as a topical, most people prefer buying hemp creams. They are much better for topical applications because of their texture, as they will not leave an oily residue.

CBD capsules

Capsules are another group of full-spectrum products worth mentioning. When ingested, cannabidiol produces a bit different effect compared to that caused by CBD topicals.

It takes some time for hemp oil capsules and CBD pills to work, which is why they’re not ideal in situations when you need quick symptom relief. However, they are great as a long-term medicine, as they can treat various conditions without causing any side effects.