Cannabidiol in Australia: Definition, Benefits & Concerns

Cannabidiol in Australia, also known as CBD, is the substance everyone’s talking about.

It has been in the center of attention for the last few years, and for a good reason. The substance has shown incredible promise, and if we were to trust cannabis enthusiasts, it would become the most popular medicine of the 21st century.

Although it sometimes seems that things are overblown, there is a lot of validity in these claims.

Based on numerous studies, as well as empirical evidence, cannabidiol may help people with anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, depression, PTSD, insomnia, etc.

However, the main question is, how good is this phytocannabinoid, and can it be used as efficient treatment.

In this article, we will talk more about the product, its overall efficiency, and what we can expect from the CBD market in the future years.

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What is the difference between hemp and CBD oil?

A lot of people mix hemp oil and CBD oil.

They believe that this is the same substance, but with a changed name. This cannot be farther from the trust.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a part of the cannabis plant. It can also be found in the hemp plant. It is one of the numerous healthy substances that this plant possesses.

Although some scientists noticed that marijuana has beneficial properties, it took them a while until they realized that cannabidiol is the main reason behind this.

Besides CBD, the plant has various vitamins, minerals, proteins, and omega fatty acids that can promote health and wellbeing.

When creating medical cannabis products, companies take the marijuana plant and extract cannabidiol from it.

There are several ways to do it, but unfortunately, some extraction methods are not so safe. We recommend that you buy products that were extracted through CO2 extraction.

Most companies will put the extraction method on the label, which should give you ample information.

Legal aspects of cannabidiol in Australia

For the longest time, cannabis products were strictly regulated. Even growing hemp could pose some issues. This situation has changed drastically in the last decade or so.

The governments of the world have realized the potential benefits of medical cannabis, so they decided to legalize it. In fact, even recreational marijuana is now legal in most countries.

Cannabis products are relatively easy to make compared to traditional drugs. Furthermore, they are much healthier for patients.

A lot of countries have decided to legalize marijuana in order to provide a better medical solution to certain, untreatable conditions. Of course, there is also a financial aspect to be considered: the industry can provide a lot of money in the form of taxes.

Bigger countries such as the United States and Australia have started to legalize the substance. However, due to the fact that these are big markets and territories, the legalization can be slow and fragmented.

For example, there is a major difference in marijuana laws between Australian regions.

The situation is even worse in the US, wherein certain states, both recreational and medical marijuana, are completely legal, while in other states, possession of cannabis is a serious offense.

What are the potential health benefits of cannabidiol?

First off, it’s worth mentioning that we’re still far away from completely understanding cannabidiol.

Although the number of case studies has increased in the last decade, there are a lot of questions regarding its potential medical benefits. The results also vary based on the condition that we’re trying to cure.

At this moment, cannabidiol is showing promise for the treatment of chronic pain, inflammation, various muscle spasms, various mental issues, insomnia, and so on. It is especially popular among patients who are suffering from chronic pain or those who have cancer.

There were also several cases where cannabidiol successfully helped Dravet syndrome patients. The substance is able to significantly decrease the number of seizures in patients.

Generally speaking, CBD has a soothing effect on muscles. This is precisely why it can also work for the reduction of stress as well as insomnia.

Unfortunately, most governments are very reluctant when it comes to CBD therapy. The substance is usually prescribed with other drugs, or in cases where everything else has failed.

This is a major problem, as some patients don’t have time to wait and try all other drugs until they’re finally prescribed cannabidiol in Australia. As time goes by and we learn more about the drug, it will probably become more mainstream.

One day, it might replace all inflammation and seizure drugs we have on the market.

Safety concerns about using CBD

As already mentioned, most governments are conservative with cannabidiol, even in countries where it’s legal, doctors rarely prescribe it.

You need to go through numerous hoops until you can finally use it. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this compound is unsafe. In fact, we can say that it is much safer than some other drugs.

Cannabidiol is absorbed naturally by our endocannabinoid receptors. In other words, it is perceived as a natural component of our body.

This is why side effects are extremely rare. CBD products are very similar to vitamin supplements, where there is only a minor disturbance to natural processes in our body.

If you do experience side effects, they might come in the form of fatigue, irritation, or nausea. There are also cases where cannabidiol affected the levels of a natural blood thinner called coumadin.

However, the substance generally has a positive impact on heart and blood pressure. Like with traditional drugs, CBD products may cause issues when combined with other drugs.

Cannabidiol is especially troublesome if you use it together with grapefruit juice, which is why we suggest that you avoid drinking it during therapy.


There is still a lot of stuff that we need to learn about CBD.

However, it is certain that the substance has amazing promise. Leading scientists have noticed this, which is why more and more countries are receptive to CBD items.

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