Hemp Oil for Skin: How to Use It The Right Way?

As of late, a lot of companies started selling hemp oil for skin. This makes a lot of sense. Recent medical discoveries teach us that hemp oil is extremely healthy.

You can get it by cold-pressing nice, organic hemp seeds. Most companies sell oil from the hemp plant in its unrefined form, but you can also find other variations. You can easily recognize the substance by its green color and nutty flavor.

Most people make a mistake by thinking that this oil is the same as CBD oil. While they do have some similarities, they are completely different in practice.

You see, we get CBD oil by extracting it from hemp buds and leaves. On the other hand, hemp oil is derived from the seeds. This means that, while these oils are very similar, they have different purposes.

You need to be very careful when buying hemp oil for skin. It is very important to buy the substance from a trustworthy source.

Cannabis companies are doing all sorts of things with this substance. Some of them will add ingredients that are not meant to be there. In certain cases, this product may have traces of THC (a psychedelic substance that is otherwise common for marijuana).

Although hemp oil carries numerous benefits and has several potential uses, most consumers use it for their skin. It is a topical substance, like any other oil, and it can help your tissue by providing an infusion of vitamins and minerals.

The substance is also great for its antiaging and moisturizing properties.

What are the main benefits of hemp oil for skin?

When talking about your skin, in particular, there are lots of reasons why you should use consider this product.

Most people use hemp oil topically like you would any other ointment or oil. However, you can also use it orally. Using this product orally will change how your body processes it and would lead to different results.

Anyway, here are the main benefits of this substance when used topically on your skin:

  • Regulates surface oil production

We have two main types of skin: oily and dry. If you have dry skin, this is probably due to the tissue’s inability to produce enough oil. With hemp oil, you can regulate it and restore the skin’s natural balance. It gives us a lot of moisture without disrupting how pores work.

An interesting fact is that this oil can also assist with oily skin. It basically regulates your natural balance, whether you’re going into one or other extreme.

It is worth noting that hemp oil is slowly becoming one of the most popular treatments for acne. Given that this type of inflammation is caused by excess oil, the substance will quickly assist by restoring natural balance and proving an optimal amount of oil.

  • Great for various inflammations

Generally speaking, hemp oil great for various inflammations. It has a lot of gamma-linolenic acids which have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Of course, it cannot help much if the problem is rooted deep within tissue, but it is still great for surface inflammation.

Gamma-linolenic acid is also good for cellular regeneration. In other words, it can provide that smooth, youthful look that you’re yearning for. Besides inflammations, hemp oil for skin works wonders for irritation and redness. It can help teenagers and adults who are suffering from conditions such as psoriasis.

  • It can be a supplemental treatment for dermatitis

Dermatitis is one of the biggest skin issues that people are facing.

It can appear at almost any time, and there are very few things you can do about it. Given that hemp oil and other cannabis plants have a lot of omega fatty acids, they can help with this particular issue.

Some experts claim that you might want to consider drinking this oil as it would provide a better solution to this particular condition. Of course, you can boost your therapy by also placing it all over your skin.

Although hemp oil is good for dermatitis, it does require some patients. According to limited empiric evidence, most patients have noticed a significant improvement after 20 weeks. In other words, you will have to use it for a while until your skin clears up.

  • Hemp seed can restore a youthful appearance

As already mentioned, hemp skin is great for its antiaging properties.

Nowadays, a lot of cosmetic companies are relying on cannabis as a crucial ingredient for their mixtures. To be specific, hemp oil can reduce the number of wrinkles you have and reduce the future appearance of the same.

CBD Oil has a lot of valuable substances that will nurture your skin, among which linoleic and oleic acid are at the top of the list. As we grow older, it becomes harder and harder for the body to produce these substances, so we need to supplement them from items such as hemp seed.

How to apply it?

While it is rather easy to apply this oil, there are a few things you need to know. Proper application of the substance is especially important if you have localized irritation or dry patches that you want to address as soon as possible.

Before you do anything, make sure to perform a smaller patch test. Just put a few drops on your arm, and leave it be for a while.

Check if there is any redness that would indicate irritability. If your skin doesn’t produce an adverse effect, that means that you’re not allergic to hemp oil, and it’s safe to use it.

Here are some tips for topical application of oil from the hemp plant:

  • Make sure to wash the area properly. This is especially important for areas around the joint as well as those parts that are hard to access
  • Put a little bit of hemp oil; no need to overdo it with quantity
  • Put a bandage over the area and leave it be for a day. Don’t tinker with the bandage in any way
  • If you properly did the patch test, you should never experience any irritation. However, if you haven’t, you might experience an allergic reaction. If such a thing occurs, make sure to remove the bandage and wash away the area as soon as possible
  • When using the product for acne, and other facial issues, make sure to apply it for a few minutes and then, wash it away with clean water

Common side effects

Generally speaking, this is a very safe product. The only issue is that the market is no that regulated, so you might stumble upon lower-quality items. Keep in mind that this oil has nothing to do with recreational marijuana, and it shouldn’t get you high.

The most common issue you might encounter is localized irritation. But, if you followed our little tricks, this should never happen. Besides that, here are a few problems you might encounter:

  • If you use it orally, you might experience mild digestive problems. For example, you might have an upset stomach or loose stool. It is usually caused because of oil’s texture so it isn’t anything to be worried about. You can easily circumvent this problem by taking a smaller dosage
  • Hemp seed oil can prove to be problematic when used with blood thinners. If you’re using such drugs, we suggest that you consult with your doctor beforehand

As you can see, there are lots of great things about the hemp plant.

No matter what you do, make sure to find a reputable cannabis store, and consult your doctor prior to oral usage. Hemp oil for skin is definitely worth your time!