Cannabis Oil in Australia: The Ultimate Guide

In the last several years, medical cannabis has taken the world by storm. No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard stories of this amazing medicine. And while cannabis oil in Australia is still not fully accepted, and is often treated as the last resort therapy, it is certain that medical marijuana products are slowly becoming the hottest drug on the market.

Cannabis oil is one of those medical cures. It is extremely popular among patients of all ages and is especially common among those who are suffering from severe pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Recently, the drug came into the limelight after several cases where people claimed that marijuana oil helped them treat severe cases of epilepsy and other muscle conditions.

So, the question now is: how efficient is the oil from cannabis? For which conditions can it be used?

In this article, we will review some main things about marijuana oil, its legality, and where to buy it.

What is cannabis oil?

As the name implies, marijuana oil is an oil extracted from the cannabis plant. It is a way of liquefying marijuana, and then, utilizing it as either topical treatment or oral drug.

Cannabis oil is very nifty as you can use it on the go; there is no more need to light a joint in order to get medical benefits of weed.

The main reason why people are so scared of this oil is because of its high THC content.

So, what is THC oil? It stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is the cannabis’ psychoactive substance that gets us high. The substance is located in leaves and resin.

But, that doesn’t mean you will always get high because cannabis oil in Australia comes in two versions: the one that gets you high, and the one that is mainly used for improving health and wellbeing.

Unlike recreational weed oil, which focuses on high THC content, medical marijuana oil has a high concentration of CBD instead. CBD or cannabidiol is a substance that can be naturally absorbed into our bodies.

We have numerous cannabinoid receptors that can process the substance. This means that you won’t experience side effects (which are common for some other drugs), as your body will interpret CBD as a substance that belongs in our organism.

Besides THC and CBD, cannabis has more than 100 active substances, including various vitamins, minerals, proteins, and omega fatty acids. Because of that, it can provide full support to patients, and it is oftentimes used as a supplement.

Is cannabis oil legal?

Depending on your country of origin, CBD oil may or may not be legal.

Generally speaking, most countries allow cannabidiol as a substance. This makes sense, given that CBD has beneficial properties and will not get you high.

However, these products must have less than 1% THC content (depending on the country, this percentage often goes even lower). Some countries are so restrictive that they forbid both CBD and THC products.

A lot of countries are in the process of cannabis legalization. This pertains to both recreational and medical weed.

Some bigger countries have fragmented laws (good examples are Australia and the US), where cannabis oil is allowed in certain parts of the country, while prohibited in others.

Due to the enormous potential of CBD, more and more countries are willing to give marijuana a shot, even if that means opening their recreational cannabis market.

Cannabis oil, in particular, is either treated as a recreational drug, or medicine, depending on its content.

Is there any evidence that marijuana oil works?

A lot of people are scared of cannabis oil because they think it’s the same as smoking weed. But, it’s even worse when you consider the fact that some patients are still questioning its beneficial properties.

This skepticism makes sense, given that the market is full of essential oil producers who claimed that their product is the healthiest substance ever. Like with any new substance, it takes time until people become receptive to it.

As already mentioned, the secret behind cannabis oil lies in its cannabidiol.

There have been a lot of instances where users experienced improvements in their conditions after using the drug. The empirical evidence is the reason why numerous governments of the world are rethinking their cannabis policies.

At this point, we still have to perform additional studies until we have more conclusive evidence. But, there were a few situations where cannabis was used to efficiently treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut patients.

There are also numerous cases where users reported improvement of their chronic inflammation and extreme reduction of pain.

Perhaps the biggest issue with cannabis oil is the lack of regulation.

Most countries have just legalized the substance, which means they still don’t have a good system that would control the producers. It is also very easy to mislabel products or create products that have higher THC concentration than it should be allowed.

6 tips for choosing the right cannabis oil in Australia

There are a lot of things you need to consider before purchasing marijuana oil.

Not only do you need to buy the right oil for your particular needs, but you also need to buy it from a reputable cannabis oil company. Here are some tips that will help you out!

  • First, you need to check the THC content of a product. If THC is too high (more than 1%), there is a chance you will get high by using the item. If you need medical weed oil, you should focus on products with high CBD and low THC
  • Oil from marijuana is used differently from regular cannabis. Most people use it topically, although it can also be digested
  • Check the local cannabis laws before making a purchase. In most countries, medical cannabis oil is legal, but you need a prescription from a doctor in order to use it. In other words, you can be legally liable if you’re caught with medical marijuana oil, and you don’t have a proper prescription
  • Always purchase from reputable CBD companies. There are some major differences between marijuana products, and you can easily buy an item that doesn’t suit your needs. Even worse, you might buy a product that was created through an unsafe extraction process
  • It is much better to purchase from cannabis companies that have a physical address. However, that doesn’t mean that companies without an address will be bad
  • Check online reviews before making a purchase. They can tell you more about a company as well as the quality of a product

With these quick tips, you will be able to make a purchase of cannabis oil in Australia according to your needs.

We hope it helps!