Although the Australian government has made extreme efforts to legalize medical marijuana, there are still certain things you need to know when buying the product.

Given there are certain legal differences from region to region, and the fact that the Australian government just recently started legalizing cannabis, most people have a lot of questions on the subject.

That being said, you’re probably wondering how to buy medical marijuanas in Australia without having to worry about potential legal ramifications. Furthermore, we would suggest that you avoid buying the drug without having the right information.

Although medical cannabis is great for the treatment of various symptoms and conditions, it will not help you if you end up in jail!

Where can you buy medical marijuanas in Australia?

Since 2016, doctors in Australia are allowed to prescribed CBD products to their patients. It is all based on the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act, which allows doctors to access the Therapeutic Goods Administration Special Access Scheme.

Since this moment, the Australian government has made a lot of efforts to streamline the process and make it easier for both the doctors and the patients. And, although there are still some minor issues, the government isn’t making any problems anymore.

CBD products are not over-the-counter drugs. They might become in the near future, but at this point, you need a strict prescription from a doctor.

Like most other drugs, there is a chance that medical cannabis will become more readily available in the future if it turns out that it’s harmless to users. However, given that the majority of products still have a little bit of THC in them, it is hard to say if this will come to pass.

Who can prescribe medical marijuana in Australia?

Perhaps the best thing about Australian law is that, unlike some other countries, any physician can prescribe medical marijuana. A lot of people are still not aware of this, but doctors don’t need special approval from the TGA in order to give you the drug.

Furthermore, more than 98% of medical cannabis is prescribed by medical professionals who don’t have this authorization. So, if this is your main concern, you can easily put it aside.

When you read this, it seems that it’s really easy to get your hands on medical cannabis. In reality, it isn’t so. Although any doctor can prescribe the drug, that doesn’t mean that every condition justifies the recipe.

There is a list of conditions that can be treated by CBD oils according to the Australian legislative bodies. A doctor also needs to find the right product for a particular issue; there are major differences between various CBD items based in terms of efficiency.

Who can prescribe medical marijuana in Australia?

You cannot buy medical marijuanas in Australia if you’re ineligible for this kind of treatment.

Luckily, there is a long list of symptoms and ailments that you can treat with these products:

  • Chronic pain
  • Various neurological issues
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Motor neuron diseases
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Issues caused by chemotherapy
  • Dementia

Keep in mind that this list might increase as time goes by. There is still a lot we have to learn about this plant. So, the future looks bright! According to medical experts, CBD products are usually taken by people who are suffering from chronic pain.

As you can presume, it is especially common among cancer patients. But, it has also shown a lot of potential in treating various inflammatory conditions.

Oftentimes, medical cannabis is used as an adjuvant. In other words, it is used in conjunction with other products so it can boost the efficiency of the whole treatment.

There are a lot of benefits to this. For example, if your main drug causes a lot of side effects, you can supplement your therapy with cannabis, which allows you to reduce the primary drug without losing the effect.

Getting the approval for purchasing medical marijuana in Australia

Here is another situation that causes confusion.

You might’ve heard stories about people who were rejected but had the reason to use the drug. However, as the system got better, the number of rejections got reduced.

Today, it is really hard for a person not to get the drug if they have the right reason for it. This is especially true for those who asked for CBD drugs for the second time.

So, if you think you have a legitimate claim, and you got rejected the first time, we suggest that you try once again. If your request is as justified as you claim, there shouldn’t be any issues the second time around.

Medical marijuana can also be prescribed to children.

Furthermore, there were numerous situations across the world where young patients were able to treat their conditions with these products. Still, the parents have to monitor and administer the therapy properly so you can get the most of it.

Perhaps the biggest issue is getting the right dosage. There are a lot of unknowns regarding cannabis, which is why the doctors have to be extra careful when prescribing any therapy to kids. With that, we come to the next chapter.

Finding the right dosage

Like any other drug, there are certain counter indications when using medical cannabis. Perhaps the most common one is drowsiness.

This makes sense as marijuana is known for its couch-lock effect among recreational marijuana users. It is also the main reason why it is so effective against insomnia. The more concerning side effect is tachycardia or an increased number of heartbeats.

In terms of dosage, marijuana is a really extraordinary drug. You can always change the dose. The products come in the form of CBD oils, CBD gummies, hemp oil capsules, CBD isolate, and other substances that can easily be tuned according to the patient’s needs.

Each person has a certain level of sensitivity to this drug, which is why it is so important for the patients and doctors to change the dosage on the fly.

So, the traditional factors such as body weight may not work when determining CBD marijuana dosage.

It is all about the endocannabinoid system and its resilience to cannabinoids. The medical experts recommend that you start with a lower dosage and increase it as time goes by. This is the safest approach.

The best way to tell if a certain dosage is working is if your symptoms slowly start receding. Of course, this can also be caused by other factors.

Finding the best cannabis provider

If you want to learn how to buy medical marijuanas in Australia, it is very important to differentiate good from bad marijuana companies.

The medical marijuana industry is a bit different from your traditional industries. It is still relatively new, meaning there are no establishes players on the market.

Most of the organizations are relatively new, so it is really hard to say that someone has a “good track record.” However, there are already certain companies that have shown they’re able to provide excellent products and services.

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Final words

The best way to tell whether a company is good for you is by checking their online reviews. Most companies do their business online, so if someone is not able to make an impact on their web consumers, there is a good chance they’re bad at their job.

Although you might think that a company with a larger assortment is better, this is not always the case. There are a lot of cannabis organizations that specialize in several best sellers as they don’t have the need to diversify.

Lastly, you should pay attention to the company’s facilities and processes if you wish to find the best-performing producers.