Medical Marijuana Australia Cost: How Much Is It?

A lot of people are asking the question “how much does medical marijuana in Australia cost?”

Given how cannabis companies promote it, you would think that it’s the best wellness substance ever. While this is generally true, there are so many marijuana companies out there, that its price should be reduced. At least in theory!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

While the price of the product in Australia has gone down, it is still much higher than in other countries. As a result, many patients have trouble buying these products and will rather choose online resellers without having to go through the official channels.

There are a lot of different factors that impact the cost of medical marijuana in Australia. Because of that, we cannot give you the exact price.

However, we will provide you with a few pointers that would allow you to calculate it. Keep in mind that you might have to cover some additional medical costs beyond the price of marijuana, ramping the cost even further.

Medical Marijuana Cost in Australia: Why is it so expensive?

There are several reasons why medical cannabis is expensive in Australia. However, we can round these factors into 2 main ones:

  1. A lot of the products are still imported from abroad
  2. The strict legislation makes it harder for manufacturers, so they have to compensate by upping the price

When talking about imports, about 95% of all medical marijuana is imported from foreign countries. This is pretty absurd if you consider the fact that Australia has one of the best climates for growing this plant.

However, since the industry is relatively young and unregulated, and there are many different obstacles for products, it is pretty hard to start an enterprise. Some companies are even adding fees when selling their products.

Here are some of the main costs associated with cannabis products in Australia:

  • The basic cost of an imported medical marijuana product
  • Storing fees that a company has to pay (which can be really high for cannabis items)
  • Quality control for cannabis products
  • Various shipping, importing, and customs costs

So you see, all these things add up. Australia is unique in that sense compared to most countries. In most other places, you probably won’t have additional regulatory fees.

However, the Australian government looks to improve its domestic market as time goes by. They want to make it highly competitive so that Australian marijuana can be sold to other countries within the region. In time, this might reduce the overall costs.

How to calculate medical marijuana price?

Calculating the price can be tricky.

There are a lot of cases where people buy these products for $300, which is an enormous sum if you consider that the same marijuana substance would cost around $100 in some other country.

People often make the mistake of calculating the cost of a product based on its per bottle price. However, you need to do it based on milligrams.

Furthermore, we suggest that you check all the ingredients to see if the item is pure; if it doesn’t have any unnecessary things inside of it.

3 main things to consider when calculating how much money you need to spend:

  • The cost of medication prescribed
  • The item itself
  • The necessary dose you need to take during a day/treatment

You should start by focusing on the medication prescribed and the daily dose. Unlike choosing a specific product, in which case you can choose between different alternatives, you can’t do much about the prescription and dosage costs.

Keep in mind that the product might change during the therapy. The same goes for dosage, as doctors often increase it when they don’t see results.

There are lots of different factors that affect the optimal dose for your body. Things such as age, weight, sex, the condition need to be considered.

Often, doctors will prescribe a minimal dose, and they will gradually increase it as the treatment progresses.

To sum it up, how much will medical marijuana cost me?

Generally, we suggest that you calculate the cost of your medical marijuana in Australia on a per-day basis.

Based on the data we’ve collected, half of the patients will have to pay less than $10 every day. Also, two-third of the patients will pay less than $15. One-third will pay more than that.

Of course, the price of the product will be a major factor in this case. Although Australian domestic producers are hit hard by all the legislative costs, they can still provide products that are cheaper than those made abroad.

This is why we recommend that you choose Krush Organics as one of the most reputable companies on the market. Regardless of your hemp needs, we will certainly be able to help!