Medical Marijuana Australia: Definition, Benefits, Usage

medical marijuana in Australia

Medical marijuana comes in many shapes and forms. It is sold as pills, oils, tinctures, sprays, extracts, and even joints.

This is great news for patients as it allows them a wide variety of application methods. No matter where you are, you can utilize medical cannabis without a hassle.

Medical marijuana in Australia is extremely popular. The government has made enormous strides to legalize the substance and make it available to all the patients.

However, it isn’t that easy getting a medical cannabis license; a patient has to go through numerous loops in order to attain the permit.

Here are some of the main things you need to know about medical weed in Australia. Read on!

What is medical marijuana?

As the name implies, medical cannabis is a weed-based product that is meant to help people with various ailments. It is also called medical cannabis or CBD.

Nowadays, CBD is probably the most common phrase for this item group. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the numerous active ingredients that can be found in the cannabis plant.

When a company creates a CBD product, they make sure that it has a high concentration of cannabidiol while avoiding other substances.

So, what makes medicinal marijuana safe? How come we can use this product, but we cannot smoke regular cannabis?

Well, CBD products have a very low concentration of psychedelic substances known as THC. The companies that do business in Australia cannot sell CBD products that have more than 1% THC.

This is ideal for patients as they don’t have to deal with getting high, as well as the other side effects that are common for cannabis.

When making a CBD product, a manufacturer will take help or cannabis leaves. They are full of CBD crystals.

How can I benefit from medical cannabis?

We are still not fully certain how medical marijuana can help us. For now, the plant has shown a lot of promise, but we’re yet to learn how to best utilize it.

The hemp plant is especially common among people who are suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, chronic inflammations, depression, insomnia, excessive stress, and so on.

It has a lot of vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids, and it seems that it has an especially strong impact on our brain. In that regard, it is a unique species.

How does it work?

When cannabinoids reach our bodies, they start connecting to cannabinoid receptors within it. These receptors help regulate numerous body functions such as metabolism, memory, mood, sleep, and appetite.

That being said, CBD products are mainly used for the regulation of internal processes. They don’t alter anything within our body, nor are they perceived as foreign substances.

This is precisely why CBD substances rarely cause side effects. If you experience a side effect, it might come in the form of dizziness, drowsiness, lack of focus, a problem with balance or memory.

So, even though the substance is great for regulating some processes, it can also disrupt them.

Medical marijuana in Australia is highly regulated. The government is working hard to deregulate the market and allow not only medical cannabis but also recreational cannabis in all its regions.

No matter what, we suggest that you get acquainted with the Australian marijuana laws prior to using CBD products.

Who can use the substance?

Medical cannabis is mostly harmless. Although it can cause some minor side effects, there is no evidence that it will disturb your natural process if you use it for a longer period of time.

That being said, it is especially common among people who are suffering from devastating chronic or terminal ailments. Oftentimes, it is recommended as the last-ditch effort.

In Australia, medical marijuana is prescribed when a patient has tried all other solutions, and nothing has helped.

It is usually recommended as an additional drug to people who already have therapy. It is pretty hard getting the prescription even though cannabis holds numerous beneficial properties.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, it is especially potent for people who are suffering from epilepsy, various inflammations, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain caused, and nausea by chemotherapy, etc.

Keep in mind that this substance cannot cure you by itself. It might reduce the symptoms of a disease, but it will often not solve the underlying issue.

How to get CBD cannabis?

Getting medicinal marijuana in Australia can be quite a choir. The whole thing is regulated by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration or TGA.

If you wish to get medical marijuana, you have to be a part of the Authorized Prescriber Scheme and the Special Access Scheme. There are two main ways to get it: either by being a part of trials, or you can get it through a doctor.

Needless to say, most people get it through their physician. But, you cannot apply for it by yourself. Instead, your doctor needs to do it for you. Most doctors are reluctant to prescribe it, and instead, they will try every other therapy beforehand.

Although you can influence your doctor and ask them for CBD, it is still their decision whether or not they want to prescribe it to you. Each Australian state has its own cannabis laws.

In some places, it is harder, and in some places, it is easier to get medical marijuana. However, there is a general trend of loosening the regulation and making medical cannabis accessible to everyone.

For the longest time, the growth of hemp and cannabis was prohibited in this country. But that has changed as of late. The government is trying to boost this industry and to become a regional exporter.

Still, you will need appropriate permits if you wish to grow hemp or cannabis. You cannot grow cannabis for recreational purposes; it is strictly a medical plant.


No matter what, we suggest that you avoid buying medical marijuana in Australia on the streets. There are a lot of shady products out there, and you have to keep in mind there is a big difference between medical and recreational marijuana.

Although you might like recreational cannabis, and you might feel good using it, that doesn’t mean that it will provide the necessary medical benefits.

The situation with CBD in Australia will definitely improve as the time goes by becoming more mainstream. For now, there are a lot of obstacles in front of patients, but getting your hands on CBD marijuana is definitely worth it.

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