Marijuana Seeds Australia: All You Need to Know

Australia has shown a lot of progress when it comes to cannabis legislation. In the last few years, we’ve seen numerous laws meant to regulate the medical marijuana market, and there are some indications that recreational marijuana will become legal in the near future.

Whether we’re talking about medical marijuana, cannabis supplies, or marijuana seeds, Australia has decided to become a competitive force on the international market.

For the longest time, the country had restrictive laws that prevented growers from planting hemp and weed. But now, you can get a special permit that would allow you to have a backyard full of hemp (as long as it’s used for medical purposes).

Sometimes similar can be said for marijuana seeds in Australia. Although there are still numerous restrictions, the country is going in the right direction.

In this article, we will talk more about cannabis seeds in Australia, and what you need to know about possession, growing, and use. Check it out!

Marijuana seeds Australia: History

Australia implemented its first cannabis law in 1924. The law regulated weed growing, use, and other important factors.

According to it, cannabis was classified as a drug. The first changes to this law were presented back in the 1970s. Even then, the Australian government was considering the decriminalization of cannabis, which shows its ability to think ahead and predict global trends.

As you can presume, this first attempt was unsuccessful. There was major resistance from the Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into Drugs. According to them, any change to the current laws would go against the United Nations drug laws.

The country has managed to mainstream the process. Today, Australia has a national strategy that is meant to minimize any harm that would befall users. Its laws are quite lenient compared to some other countries, and they resemble certain laws enacted in Europe.

Cannabis changed its status from a drug to a treatment medicine. Although you are still unable to openly smoke marijuana on the streets, the law enforcement agencies are more lenient towards users.

The current establishment is making major steps in legalizing the substance. The Australian Green Party was spearheading the charge. As a result, Canberra is the first Australian city to completely legalize the drug in January 2020.

According to this law, everyone who is above 18 will be able to have 50 grams of cannabis on them. Something similar can be said for growing. Every household is able to grow up to 4 plants of marijuana (2 max per person).

Keep in mind that these are just the first steps. Cannabis is still illegal on the Federal level, and this won’t change in the next several years until the law is revised. Marijuana is the most popular illegal drug in Australia, so it makes sense that the government wants to legalize the plant as it would allow them to get taxes from cannabis sales.

Australia also wants to become a competitive force on the global weed and marijuana seeds market.

Can you use medical marijuana in Australia?

Although there are certain differences when it comes to recreational cannabis, the Australian parliament members have similar views when it comes to CBD products.

Because of that, they were able to pass legislation back in 2016 that would allow Australian citizens to utilize medical cannabis. What is even more important is that this law allows pot growing for scientific purposes.

As you probably know, the main issue with medical marijuana (and marijuana, in general) is the lack of research. We still don’t know enough about the drug, so this is a major step in the right direction.

At this moment, you can do whatever you wish with medical marijuana in Australia. If you’re a grower, you can grow it and sell it without fear of legal persecution.

The patients can use it freely, but according to a doctor’s prescription. These laws are meant to support the growing and use of medical marijuana, but at the same time, they are highly regulated.

You need special licenses if you wish to produce cannabis commercially. The patients also face certain hurdles; they have to try every possible treatment before a doctor can prescribe them with medical marijuana.

Even then, CBD product is often used in conjunction with some other, more common pharmaceuticals.

How to buy cannabis seeds in Australia?

As already mentioned, weed is still illegal on a federal level. But, things are a bit better when it comes to weed seeds.

They are also illegal in most of Australia, but people are rarely caught when purchasing or selling them. If you wish to grow marijuana in your backyard, there are several reputable online sources where you can procure marijuana seeds.

Some of the most reputable cannabis companies are MSNL Seedbank and Crop King Seeds. Australian online marijuana seeds companies are really great.

Australia has an optimal climate for cannabis, so it makes sense that most entrepreneurs are able to provide top-quality items. You can pay in any way you want; most of these websites also accept bitcoins.

If you’re ordering from Australia, the weed seeds will reach your home address within days. Reputable cannabis companies can provide you awesome marijuana seeds at a reasonable price.

In order to stay safe, it is very important that you check the local laws prior to buying pot seeds. Although cannabis is legal in Canberra, you might get into trouble if you’re caught with marijuana seeds in some other cities or regions.

Keep in mind that most cannabis companies package and label the seeds, so they are not detected by the local authorities. However, that doesn’t mean that you are 100% safe.

Main things to know regarding possession, selling, and use of marijuana

Australian cannabis law has become increasingly lenient. Due to a major public outcry, the government has decided to change its legislation.

From 2020 onward, more and more cities and regions will allow the use of cannabis, both recreationally and for growing. The trend has started with Canberra, the Australian capital, and it will slowly spread to other regions.

This doesn’t mean you will not get charged if the police officers discover marijuana on you. The penalties vary from region to region. For example, South Australia has very loose laws, and you will get the same charge whether you have 100 grams of dried marijuana or 20 grams of hash.

Charges in the ACT were also quite lenient. People who have 25 grams of recreational marijuana would be fined with $100. However, this penalty has changed since 2020, and now, it’s completely legal to have recreational cannabis on you.

In the Northern Territory, the charge for 60 grams of cannabis is $200 to be paid within 28 days. New South Wales also has lenient laws. A person who is found in possession of cannabis (up to 15 grams) will get 2 warnings before getting charged with possession.

Victoria has something similar, although you would get only 1 warning. In Queensland, it is a minor offense. Western Australia has the strictest laws out of all regions.

If the police catch you with 10 grams of cannabis, you will get $2,000 fine. Alternatively, you might get some jail time.

Interesting facts about cannabis in Australia

Australia has developed quite interesting marijuana culture over time. The drug has become so mainstream that 40% of teenagers older than 14 have tried it at least once.

Keep in mind that most of these kids usually tried it once or twice; a lot of them will not become users. It is common for Australian teenagers to start smoking weed on a permanent basis when they reach the age of 17 (if they ever start, that is). When you see these numbers, it becomes clearer why Australian are so fascinated with growing pot and utilizing cannabis seeds.

But, the transition to legal cannabis wouldn’t be as smooth if it didn’t have the support of the Australians. According to a poll that was performed in 2015, 91% of citizens have voted for the legalization of medical marijuana for serious patients. The focus was on people who suffered from debilitating conditions such as cancer and epilepsy.

Another reason why weed is so popular is that it’s easy to grow. Each October, there will be an increased demand for cannabis seeds. This is the period when you can plant marijuana because their spring season starts in November, December. The harvest begins in March, and it lasts until May. However, this also varies depending on the regional climate.

Furthermore, given their ideal climate, you can have up to 4 harvests each year. In other words, you can plant marijuana seeds in Australia all year long!

Last thoughts

If you wish to grow cannabis in Australia, you can basically start doing it tomorrow! All you need to do is get some quality marijuana seeds, and you’re on your way.

The laws have become much more lenient, and the authorities are doing their best to leave CBD producers alone. Even if you’re growing cannabis recreationally, you should be able to grow a few plants in your own backyard for personal consumption.