7 Reasons to Use a CBD Isolate

Cannabidiol is one of many compounds extracted from a cannabis sativa plant. Most people use CBD to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and deal with many other health conditions.

Due to its varied availability as creams, oils, and sometimes gummies, cannabidiol is well accepted by society.

Some CBD products contain only cannabidiol as their main component, but a few have traces of other cannabinoid extracts. CBD products containing only cannabidiol are known as isolates.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain cannabidiol, less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other cannabinoids. A broad-spectrum spectrum contains only CBD and THC.

Studies show that the presence of THC in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products amplifies their health benefits. But that does not mean a CBD Isolate is less useful.

So why should you use CBD isolate despite lacking tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids?

CBD Isolates and Side Effects

Side effects are one of the most significant concerns of CBD users. While full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products offer higher effectiveness, they also tend to cause more damage to your health.

The presence of a psychoactive substance like THC can lead to undesirable outcomes like gastrointestinal problems, drowsiness, and low blood pressure. In severe cases, there is the possibility of developing a liver injury.

In contrast, CBD isolates are milder in their actions due to the absence of THC and other cannabinoids. As such, they have little to no side effects. If you are looking for something much safer, CBD isolate takes the trophy.

CBD Isolate and Drug Tests

As effective as full-spectrum and broad-spectrum are, they contain a trace amount of the psychoactive THC. While this quantity is not enough to cause serious health issues, it can stay for as long as 72 hours in your bloodstream.

Most companies carry out drug tests, particularly immunoassays, on employees or to-be employees. Urine samples are collected and tested for the presence of psychoactive substances.

A positive test result could negatively influence your career if you are a sports person or perhaps you work in a company that is strictly compliant with drug laws.

To prevent this, you should use CBD isolates since they are entirely devoid of THC and will not test positive on immunoassays.

CBD Isolates and Quantity

There is no reason for consuming CBD products in quantities above the recommended dosage. Taking a high dosage of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products can lead to liver toxicity and damage. The damage caused by consuming full and broad-spectrum CBD products is attributed to THC.

In contrast, CBD isolates are devoid of THC and other cannabinoids. Thus, they pose less risk when consumed in high quantities. This makes CBD isolates safe for use. But you still need to follow the proper dosage as directed by your doctor or product manufacturer.

Absence Of Unpleasant Flavor And Smell

No one wants to consume a product that smells and tastes terrible. Full and broad spectrum CBD products, like oils, or gummies, usually have a flavor and smell that might not go well with you. The taste and smell are because of the presence of different cannabinoids.

Although some companies now offer customers the chance to choose a preferred flavor, that usually comes with an extra cost. Moreover, the option is not available for all locations.

On the other hand, CBD isolates contain only cannabidiol. No THC, no other cannabinoids. That makes isolates a better choice for those interested in CBD products with a bland taste. You can easily add your flavor after purchase or request that from the company if possible.

CBD Isolates Are More Refined

The process of producing a CBD Isolate is quite a complex one. A pure CBD isolate product is obtained after passing through winterization, crystallization, filtration, decarboxylation, and a few other processes. And that makes it preferable for use since it is highly refined.

Unlike isolates, full and broad-spectrum CBD products have a somewhat simple extraction procedure. And that makes them prone to contamination with lower purity scores. Moreover, CBD isolates have no distinctive flavor or smell.

If you are looking for something well-refined, isolates are the best.

CBD Isolate and Cost

Although CBD isolates undergo a more refined extraction process, they cost less than full and broad-spectrum cannabidiol products. This is mainly because of the milder health benefits of CBD isolates compared to the full and broad CBD spectrum.

CBD isolates are excellent for those looking for something more budget-friendly and milder in action.

CBD Isolate and Accessibility

Due to the presence of THC in full and broad spectrums, they are highly regulated by law. CBD products with a THC concentration of more than 0.3% are forbidden. But most CBD companies illegally go above this recommended quantity and sell it to unsuspecting customers. That is why some countries have strict laws to crack down on CBD products containing THC.

CBD isolates don’t contain THC, so you can quickly get yours from registered CBD companies without having to worry about legality.

To be safe, confirm the components of the isolate product you want to purchase. Requesting a lab report is another thing CBD buyers need to keep in mind.

CBD Isolate vs. Distillate

Distillate is just a collective name for both full and broad-spectrum cannabidiol products.

During the process of CBD extraction from a hemp plant, the first distillate obtained contains CBD and many other cannabinoids, which is why it is called full spectrum.

Successive refinement of a full spectrum distillate yields broad-spectrum CBD which only contain cannabidiol and THC.

CBD isolate is usually gotten after a distillate is completely refined and contains no other cannabinoids.

Is CBD Isolate Better Than Full And Broad Spectrum?

The answer is No. Each spectrum has its pros and cons.

Broad and full-spectrum CBD products work faster than isolates but have more side effects. In comparison, CBD isolates pose fewer complications but work slowly, and less effective.

Wrapping Up

There is no one-size-fits-all spectrum.

But if you want to play it safe while enjoying the potential health benefits of cannabidiol, an isolate might be the best.