CBD Oil Gold Coast: How and Where to CBD oil?

Gold Coast and Brisbane have been one of the leading regions in terms of cannabis laws.

CBD oil is available in Brisbane since 2017, with certain limitations. Like with many other Australian regions, you need a doctor’s prescription to buy CBD products.

While doctors were initially very reluctant to prescribe CBD to patients, the attitude towards the substance has changed significantly in the last year or so. It is now much easier to get the product.

Keep in mind that the market is still not fully regulated, so the product quality is not always ideal. This is why you should buy from premium suppliers such as Krush Organics.

In this short guide, we will talk about CBD oil in Gold Coast. Check it out!

How to get a CBD prescription in the Gold Coast, Australia?

As already mentioned, it is now much easier to get a prescription than it was a few years ago. The Australian government was very reluctant with cannabis and hemp, which is why the item was available to a limited number of patients.

According to them, a patient needs to show symptoms of a medical condition for at least 3 months. Furthermore, patients have to prove they’ve tried all other traditional therapies to no avail.

Once you’ve met the requirement, you can go to a cannabis doctor who will give you the necessary prescription. Before he or she can do so, they will tell you more about CBD oil, potential benefits, and drawbacks.

This way, you can make an educated decision. Cannabis substances are mostly in their research and developmental phases. We still need to learn more about them, which is why the government is very cautious when giving the substance to people.

Here are some of the conditions that make you eligible to use CBD oil in Gold Coast, Australia:

  • Various types of arthritis
  • Sleep issues, and in particular, insomnia
  • Epilepsy and conditions that cause muscle spasms
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal injury

There are a lot of different ailments that are eligible for CBD oil treatment. However, we need more data on potential long-term effects and overall efficiency.

What types of CBD oil can I buy in Gold Coast?

The CBD market is developing very quickly. New products are hitting the shelves every month, so this list might become irrelevant in a year or so.

But, as it stands, here are the 3 main CBD oil categories as of right now:

  • Isolates
  • Broad-spectrum oil
  • Full-spectrum oil

CBD isolates are the simplest product of them all. They are items that only have CBD or cannabidiol. This allows patients to use only one potentially beneficial chemical compound while avoiding everything else.

CBD broad-spectrum is an oil that has all the naturally-occurring substances found in hemp. The only thing they lack is THC. This particular substance is the main reason why we get high while using marijuana. So, by using a broad-spectrum oil, you can rest assured that you will ever feel the psychedelic effect.

But, that doesn’t mean that cannabidiol products are intoxicating. Furthermore, the governments limit THC content to 0.3%, ensuring that you never get high.

Because of that, you can also use full-spectrum cannabidiol oil. The product is the same as a broad-spectrum, but it also has THC. According to experts, the main reason why you should also use THC is that this creates a so-called “entourage effect.”

In other words, when using chemical compounds found in hemp, you are more likely to harness additional benefits.

Where to buy CBD oil in Gold Coast?

There are a lot of different stores where you can buy CBD oil if you’re in Gold Coast.

However, we suggest that you go to online shops as they give you the option of buying from home. Krush Organics is one of the leaders in the Australian CBD market, so you can’t go wrong by choosing our shop!