A Brief Guide on CBD Oil and Alcohol

Cannabidiol oil and alcohol share some complementary effects. And this explains why there has been so much hype around the two recently. But you will also find yourself asking many questions, like:

  • Can I drink alcohol while using CBD oil?
  • Will the perfect cocktail mixture of alcohol and CBD oil do more harm than good?
  • Should I take alcohol first and then use CBD oil as a hangover cure?

While there is no conclusive evidence that permits or forbids the use of CBD oil and alcohol simultaneously, there are still a few small-scale study results you should know about.

In this article, you will learn about the medical myths surrounding these two bioavailable products and some of their reported side effects.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil (CBD oils Australia) is a product of cannabidiol and hemp oil or other essential oils. According to NCBI, CBD oil is effective in the treatment of anxiety, pain, depression, arthritis, and some neural disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

Usually, CBD oil contains little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the psychoactive component of cannabinol, similar in effect to marijuana and caffeine. And the FDA (food and drug agency) only authorized a maximum concentration of 0.3% THC for every CBD product.

But in some cases, THC can be as high as 4%, thus inducing the nervous system to produce effects like hallucination, mood change, and interference of motor and cognitive functions.

Should You Drink Alcohol While Using CBD Oil?

As previously said, there is no conclusive evidence on whether you should drink alcohol while using CBD oil or not. Several anecdotal comments mention a few positive effects of using these two products simultaneously. A recent study conducted on mice also demonstrated the influence of CBD in reducing alcohol dependency.

However, these anecdotal comments and animal-based research are limited and do not provide concrete details to verify the interaction between CBD oil and alcohol in humans. To be on the safe side, avoid simultaneous use of both or only consume a little quantity of alcohol.

Potential Side Effects Of Taking CBD Oil And Alcohol Together

The following negative effects could result from consuming alcohol and CBD oil together:

  1. Impairment Of The Central Nervous System

CBD oil with a maximum THC concentration of 0.3% is usually nothing to be worried about. But anything beyond this will result in impairment of the CNS, mood change, and the loss of motor and cognitive functions.

Similarly, heavy alcohol intake can lead to CNS depression, memory loss, and the destruction of brain cells. Taking CBD oil that has a high concentration of THC with alcohol will only stack these effects up and possibly damage the entire central nervous system.

Do not forget that this is only possible if the THC content is above 0.3%.

  1. Indiscriminately Lowers Blood Pressure

A PubMed publication showed that low and moderate intake of alcohol generally expands blood vessels. CBD was also studied to reduce blood pressure for up to seven days after taking a minor dose.

Drinking alcohol while using CBD oil might lead to unregulated vasodilation of blood vessels and low blood pressure. Prolonged use of the two together could lead to severe conditions like cardiac hypertrophy and myopathy. There is also an increased risk of ischemia and heart attack.

  1. CBD Oil Amplifies Alcohol Intoxication

CBD oil is naturally effective for relieving anxiety and inducing mental relaxation. Likewise, alcohol eliminates some nervous inhibitions and massages your super excited nerves. Using both together can result in the amplification of the effects of alcohol and lead to more severe alcohol-induced fatigue.

Temporal impairment of speech and incorrect time perception are also noticed due to the influence of CBD oil on alcohol. These were not recorded when CBD and alcohol were taken individually.

CBD Oil Can Negate Some Of The Side Effects Of Alcohol

Although taking CBD oil together with liquor is theoretically harmful, recent studies show that this cannabinoid can also negate some of the side effects of alcohol.

This is paradoxical, but it just so happens that CBD oil enhances certain alcohol complications while it suppresses the rest.

  1. CBD Oil Serves As A Perfect Hangover Cure

It is common to experience some uncomfortable feelings after drinking too much alcohol. CBD oil might be the best option if you are looking for the perfect hangover cure. Cannabidiol is naturally able to suppress nausea induced by alcohol and alleviate other hangover symptoms like headaches, anxiety, increased blood pressure, and muscle aches.

Importantly, CBD can reduce alcohol levels in the blood and wear off the intoxicating effects just as quickly as it amplifies them.

  1. Reduces Alcohol Addiction

Almost a hundred thousand Americans die of alcohol-related diseases yearly. And there is more to this across the globe. But the good news is that CBD oil can help reduce alcohol addiction and prevent alcohol use disorders.

Recent scientific investigations have demonstrated the anti-addictive properties of CBD in animals. The results showed that cannabidiol can eliminate the desire to go back on alcohol, prevent relapses, and reduce the urge to take alcohol-related substances.

Another published study looked at the influence of CBD on cigarette smokers. The participants noticed a drastic drop of about 40% in cigarette use after taking CBD. More studies are needed to validate the role of CBD in reducing alcohol intoxication.

Can I Drink Alcohol After 12 Hours Of Taking CBD Oil?

CBD oil lasts for as long as 85 hours before it is cleared from the bloodstream. Drinking alcohol after 12 hours does not guarantee zero interaction. So you should expect some complementary effects of CBD oil on alcohol as explained above or wait for three to four days.

Bottom Line

CBD oil features a lot of health benefits, including pain management, alleviating anxiety, enhancing mood, and improving sleep. Although taking it alongside alcohol can amplify some of its benefits, such as more sleep time, the potential side effects might not be worth it.

If you suffer from an alcohol use disorder, contact your primary care physician so that he can keep track of your CBD oil usage or suggest a better product if necessary.