What’s the Difference Between CBD Oils and Creams?

It’s no secret that CBD has revolutionised the markets for therapeutic products and buying CBD oil in Australia in recent years. This compound is believed to provide relief for people suffering from different ailments. Many people choose CBD as a therapeutic product to avoid the side effects associated with certain medications.

If you have browsed through the various types of CBD products available at online stores, you may have noticed two distinct categories of products: Hemp oils and Hemp creams.

People unfamiliar with buying CBD may be wondering which of these products to try for the first time. This guide will examine the differences between CBD oil and CBD cream as well as their different applications.


CBD oil exists as a liquid oil at room temperature. It is made by extracting CBD from hemp plants and then diluting the compound using carrier oils such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. This oil is then sold in small bottles with labels describing the total quantity of CBD in the product.

CBD cream exists as a solid cream at room temperature. It is made by extracting CBD from hemp plants and then adding it to oils, emulsifiers, and stabilizers.

The end result is a cream that remains solid at room temperature but is soft enough to spread over your skin.

Application Method

CBD oil is typically consumed orally. Users can use the dropper included with their CBD bottles and place a few drops directly under their tongues. They may then hold the CBD under their tongue for one minute before swallowing.

CBD cream is applied topically. Users can measure out a small quantity of the cream and spread it over the affected area of their body. They can then massage the cream across the surface of their skin to ensure it is distributed evenly for absorption.

How the Body Processes It

CBD Hemp oils, creams and products generally take effect once they enter the bloodstream and are transported throughout the body. The compound then interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 to produce effects.

CBD oil administered orally generally enters the bloodstream directly. It does not need to be processed by the digestive system or metabolized by the liver.

CBD creams are processed differently by the body. The CBD in these creams is absorbed through the skin and interacts with the cells near the skin’s surface.

This means people can feel the effects without the CBD ever having to enter their bloodstream. CBD creams are able to function in this manner thanks to the low permeability of human skin.

It should be noted that CBD creams generally have a low absorption percentage through the skin. Therefore, users may need to apply a larger quantity of CBD from a cream than from oil to produce their desired effect.

How Long They Take to Work

CBD oils generally take between 30 and 90 minutes to work. These effects typically peak two to four hours after consumption.

Some people report feeling nothing during their first few doses of CBD oils.

This is nothing to be alarmed about, as the effects are best experienced once the user has been taking daily doses for several days. This is similar to how a multivitamin takes several weeks to treat a vitamin deficiency.

CBD creams vary in terms of how long they take to work.

Some manufacturers state that their product’s effects can be felt within 10 to 20 minutes. This difference may be due to the type of cream and the potency of CBD in the product. Others state that it may take longer before users feel the therapeutic effects of their CBD cream product.

How Long the Effects Last

The effects of CBD typically last between 1 and 10 hours, with an average of around 6 hours. However, this range may vary depending on the type of CBD product being used.

It is difficult to determine precisely how long the effects of CBD oil and CBD topicals last. Scientific studies have yet to provide a clear answer due to their focus on CBD rather than CBD oil or CBD topicals. However, we can examine the dosage frequency of each type of product to determine how long they last.

Some CBD oil manufacturers recommend taking CBD oil three times a day. This implies the effects may last for around 8 hours. Others recommend applying their product five times a day. This implies the effects may last around 4 to 5 hours.

CBD Oil and Cream Uses

The most significant difference between CBD oil and CBD cream is what they are used for. People turn to CBD oil when they want a natural therapeutic alternative to finding relief from the symptoms of specific physical and mental ailments.

This includes anxiety, depression, epilepsy, glaucoma, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, or low appetite.

Many people turn to CBD creams because they believe they can help reduce the pain associated with specific physical ailments. This includes joint pain, muscle aches, and skin inflammation.

The cream is generally applied to the affected body part and acts on it directly. This makes CBD creams popular with seniors with chronic joint conditions as well as athletes with muscle aches.

Side Effects

CBD is known to produce few side effects. Most of these are mild in nature. However, people should still familiarize themselves with such side effects before purchasing and using CBD products.

Some of the side effects associated with CBD oil may include drowsiness and dizziness.

There have been no studies to investigate the full range of side effects associated with CBD creams. Some experts believe that CBD creams may cause dermatitis. However, this side effect may be due to compounds other than CBD in such products.

Which is Right for Me?

As you can see, CBD oils and CBD creams are two very different products. You may be wondering which is suitable for you. The answer depends on the type of relief you are seeking.

People often reach for CBD oils when they seek relief from some of the symptoms of anxiety, depression, low appetite, and sleep issues.

Other people reach for CBD creams in the hopes that they will provide relief for muscle aches or joint pain in a specific part of the body.